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General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: September 02, 2021, 01:54:14 PM »
Scored a Breaker w/RAM the other day at my local TRU.

Man this is one sweet pack.  Great 80s vibes, especially the RAM.

Breaker is a great figure overall, even with the plain green paint scheme.  Although that is accurate to the original figure.  The head sculpt is great, beard and all.  The helmet is updated to have a visor and electronics attached to replace the communications backpack.  So it gives him a bit of modernity while still staying fairly true to the original.  I kind of do miss the backpack but it is a small nitpick.

The RAM is where this set really shines.  This is a near perfect recreation of the original, just upsized for 6" figures.  The colour is great and the side car gatling gun is wonderful.  Especially because it can be opened, and the gun removed so that Breaker can hold it for free fire!!!!  If it wasn't so pricey ($57.99+ tax) I would get a whole bunch to give to my Joes.  However I will have to be patient and hope more show up down the line when I can afford to splurge on at least 1 more.  This is a much better offering than the Baroness w/COIL.  Both Breaker and the RAM are great additions and must haves, in my opinion.  Whereas the Baroness is a must have, but the COIL is not that great.

Now hurry up Hasbro and reveal some more of the line.

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: August 25, 2021, 07:30:13 AM »
I found found the 6" Scarlett and CC at at TRU in Pickering.  Wasn't a fan of seeing them in the video game section.

I think it is a store by store decision.  When they are in the video game section it seems the store considers them more collector oriented product.  Whereas if they are just in the toy aisle it seems the store just considers them toys.  I guess it all depends on the manager.

Also I just received my Snake Eyes with Timber deluxe set (#30).  Man this is the best Snake Eyes released (so far) in the Classified line.  It is he commando version and hits all the right notes for that version.  Also he comes with a nice selection of actual guns, not sci-fi style blasters.  Just overall the best Snake Eyes to date, in my eyes anyway.  Timber is also incredible!!!!  I mean not only did they do a great job with the mold, but the articulation is crazy for a glorified accessory.  I would say, if I'm being honest, that Timber actually outshines Snake Eyes in this set.  However that is probably more to do with just how much effort they put into Timber, and less to do with Timber being miles better than Snake Eyes.

Just outstanding overall as a set and well worth the extra cost.

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: August 11, 2021, 11:35:41 AM »
I will need to check out a TRU down the road.  It's been a while.

Prepare to be disappointed.  LOL

I don't know what you'll find at your local TRU, but the Joe selection is pretty limited, and depending on the location they could be in the video game section rather than the regular aisles.

So it would be no different than EB Games.  lol

Or Walmart, Amazon,

Found the Retro Blue Hiss at my local Walmart yesterday.  I picked up one, but man they are now asking $40 for the vehicles.  Definitely getting too rich for my blood, especially after finding the Retro Fang last week on clearance for $19.

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: August 10, 2021, 08:40:20 AM »
I will need to check out a TRU down the road.  It's been a while.

Prepare to be disappointed.  LOL

I don't know what you'll find at your local TRU, but the Joe selection is pretty limited, and depending on the location they could be in the video game section rather than the regular aisles.

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: August 09, 2021, 12:43:36 PM »
Another lucky week.

Snagged both Firefly and Viper from my local TRU.  Someone posted the sighting on another board and I hightailed it there.  Supposedly they had about 10 each of Firefly, Bluud and Viper when the first guy saw them.  Once I bought mine (2 of each), there were about 5 of each left. 

Firefly is a great figure.  I love all the accessories he comes with, and I love the face sculpt under the make.  I still don't like the blast(?) vest they put on him.  I get why they did, but I don't really like it, I prefer the old look.  Which is what we could get if the vest was removable, but it isn't!!!  Well it is, but you have to do the whole remove his head and arms to stretch it over the body.  Still a pretty good figure overall though.

The Viper is a really great looking figure, but it has a bunch of small problems that really detract from the figure.  It is a great update to the Viper look, while still evoking the original look.  However the goggles are now a separate piece, which sounds like a good idea, but they don't sit well on the helmet and easily fall off with a slight movement.  The neck scarf is also a separate piece which, again, sounds like a good idea.  However you have to take the head off to put it on/off.  So I can see wear and tear being a concern a few years down the road. 

Hasbro has done a good job with accessories/storage for this line.  So while the Viper comes with a bunch of accessories, the big downside is there is nowhere to store his rifle on the body/backpack.  The backpack is huge and there is ample space to put the rifle on it, but for some reason Hasbro didn't bother.  So you have to either leave it aside, or he has to carry it all the time.

Finally the helmet has a bit of a scratch on the top, that I think came from the constant movement of the goggles.  As well there was a bit of a scratch on the face plate near one side that I didn't see when I bought him.

So like I said, both are pretty good figures (Viper is better IMO), but there are a few design choices that I feel detract from the figures.  Bludd is by far the best of those three I have recently picked up.

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: August 07, 2021, 06:46:54 AM »
Well I lucked out and found CI Major Bludd this week at my local TRU.  No sign of Viper or Firefly.

I have to say, Major Bludd is without a doubt top 2 of figures released so far in the Classified line.  He is perfectly evokes the spirit of the original ARAH Bludd while having just enough updates to make him modern.  I actually prefer him without his helmet on, but either way still works.  Great job by whoever did the design work on this figure.

Message Board News / Re: Member count will be going down
« on: August 05, 2021, 07:14:36 AM »
Must be automated right? 

I mean I guess someone is at the helm when they do the spamming, but if it was actively watched they probably wouldn't bother with this site due to low numbers.

Honestly I don't see much from them anymore, so that is a testament to you Pete.

General Joe Talk / Re: Super7 GI Joe discussion
« on: August 03, 2021, 08:45:04 AM »
Are these even in retail?  I haven't gone to a TRU in a while due to COVID. 

But I did step into a EB store today:  picked up my first 6" one (Zartan).   

I don't think regular retail carries them in Canada.  I have only ever seen them up here at comic/specialty stores.

Good choice on the Zartan, he is one of the best releases so far.  At least of what I have seen in person..

General Joe Talk / Re: Super7 GI Joe discussion
« on: July 26, 2021, 06:32:00 AM »
Also if anyone is interested, here is an interview with Brian Flynn from Super7 about their GI Joe line.

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: July 26, 2021, 06:29:41 AM »
So the new Retro HISS 3 is pretty nice.  I never found the HISS, or AWE Striker, but of course I found the FANG.  What were there, like 5 million FANGs versus 2 HISS and AWE Strikers released in Canada?

Anyway, I still have a boxed 25th HISS with RIP IT, so the figure from this set doesn't do much for me.  However I do like the blue on this version.  I would have preferred a Crimson MMS version, but maybe we will get lucky and see one again someday.  I also despise the dirt paint deco on the treads, i prefer the clean look.

Anyway let's hope Walmart Canada gets this in significant numbers so I can find one.

General Joe Talk / Re: Super7 GI Joe discussion
« on: July 26, 2021, 06:24:02 AM »
I have no interest in GI JOE figures that have the same shitty articulation as the original Star Wars figures.

Tell us how you really feel Pete.  :)

Yeah the limited articulation (less than original ARAH) is a letdown, but that is what Super7 does.  Someone pointed out that they, as a company, come from the vinyl, static side of collecting.  So I get their decision to go the simplified ReAction route.  Of course it also would make sense that Hasbro doesn't want another company doing 3 3/4" figures that are their domain, especially for GI Joe.  So this is a good compromise for those who want them. 

At $20+ Cdn each I am taking a hard pass.  Hell I won't shell out for the new 3 3/4" figures either at $18.  I just don't see the value anymore when the 25th/ME figures started out less than $10. 

General Joe Talk / Re: Super7 GI Joe discussion
« on: July 20, 2021, 02:44:39 PM »

So the reveals were last week.

Have to say I am both excited, and surprised. 

In regards to the ReAction line I am thrilled with what the went with, but WOW is that a lot of product.  I would personally buy the whole set if I could afford to, but funds are too limited nowadays to go in on a line I don't 100% want.  I love the variety of troopers, especially the deep dive of the "Y' & "H" backs for the Cobra Troopers.  Kwinn was an inspired early choice. 

If they were cheaper I would get them all, but at $20+ (Cdn) it just isn't worth it for 5 POA figures that only have a cursory ability to work with the original ARAH line.  Still, bravo Super7.

Now, as for Ultimates.......

WOW, talk about the cartoon jumping out of your TV and into toy form.  These look great!!!  I am a little surprised by the choice of figures.  Super7 has been pretty good at going at least a little out of left field for one figure in a wave.  This time it was all safe bets, but thankfully 1 Army builder. 

Duke is the weakest in my opinion.  Something about the head sculpts just seems off.  I don't know if it is the cartoon design, or not, but it just didn't translate as well as I would have thought.  Also I don't get why Snake Eyes gets a jet pack, but Duke doesn't.  He is arguably the one with the most memorable uses of a jet pack.  I mean he is wearing one in the opening credits of the first series, and the opening of the movie is iconic for his use of a Jet Pack to destroy the Cobra Aircraft, and then taking the Flag up to the Statue Of Liberty.

Cobra Commander.  I like the overall look, and the video game ad accessory (Snake wrapped around the globe) is a classic Super7 deep dive.  I love the cape as well.  I only wish they would have included the hooded head instead, but I guess it is a wait and see if the rumour of Hasbro not wanting to use the hooded version anymore holds true.

Snake Eyes.  Finally the "Ultimate" (get it) V1 Snake Eyes from the cartoon.  This is incredible and looks exactly like he popped out of my TV.  Timber is an awesome accessory and I love the cartoon accurate rifles.  AND YES he had exposed hands, not gloves!!

BAT.  Saved the best for last.  This is a thing of beauty!!!!!  I can't wait for this bad boy (I actually went in for 2, and might get 1 more, but $$$).  I love the red face plate, which finally gets the cartoon version in my hands that I always wanted.  All the accessories are perfect compliments to the figure.  I am so happy with this figure.  Maybe the only thing I would have wanted was a replaceable battle damaged chest plate, but no big whoop.

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