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General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: December 03, 2021, 04:27:36 PM »
Well well. Hasbro sweeting the deal

Damn they are sweating a bit methinks.

That is some sweet, sweet extras being thrown into the mix.  I would imagine 5 figures, all carded, at the base price should be enough to get a bunch of people off the fence.

General Joe Talk / Re: Favourite playset
« on: December 03, 2021, 04:24:56 PM »
Well I got the Flagg for of course that is my favourite.

Second would be the Defiant.  I actually got one about 15 years ago complete and in great condition so it was a joy to......enjoy as an adult.

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: November 23, 2021, 07:36:27 AM »
Well its done. Sold off my MOTU 200x stuff and now I have officially placed my order and backed the skystriker. Also ordered the SS & SE set too. I'm pumped. Can't wait.... <squeal with delight>
It would be amazing if this hit all tier unlocks.  A bit expensive otherwise but I don't care. I'm a sucker for sure. HAHA

you guys pull the trigger?

Welcome aboard. 

It is definitely expensive, and I'm a little worried at the slow pace now.  I am not worried it will fund, but I am worried about how may of the tiers will be hit.  In 2 weeks it went from 50% backed to only 56% backed.  That is a big slow down.  Thankfully there will be a big jump in the final days.  So as I said I am not worried about it funding.

General Joe Talk / Re: Arah Pricing
« on: November 23, 2021, 07:25:39 AM »
Take anything Bobby Vala has to say about Hasbro, or anything in general, with a grain of salt.

As to the 10,000 number?  Who really knows?  Any number, even from Hasbro, would be a guess.  No one I know of is going out there and trying to survey the general population for their interest in ARAH figures.

The reality is that the ARAH line was a huge hit in the 80s.  They literally made millions of most figures, and some vehicles.  If you check out any retro toy store they will have some ARAH toys guaranteed.  Same with any general toy show/convention.  That means there is a high likelihood that there are at minimum 10,000 collectors still out there actively collecting.  Add to that some small amount of non-fan buyers (store, general collectors, etc.)

Now of course out of all those toys made in the 80s, how many are still circulating?  How many are long dumped in the garbage?  How many are still in serviceable condition?  Then add on the idea of how many collectors out there actually need any of these toys in their collection?  I'm sure the hardcore ARAH collectors already have most of the toys, and it is only the super rare items they want. 

Then let's add on time.  We are talking about a 40 year old toyline now.  I'm almost 50 and my priorities have changed from even 10 years ago.  As the number of fans dwindles due to age/death there will be more toys available for the remaining fans as well.  However will people be interested in 20 years time?

There will always be high value items from the line, but in general the prices will fluctuate for some time, but eventually fall as the demand wanes.

So pay what you are comfortable with paying, but I wouldn't go over $20 for a complete figure, outside of super rare/MOSC obviously. 

As for the new O-ring, this is the new pricing structure.  All new figures have gone up way too much in just the last 2 years.  $20 at retail for a 3.75" figure?  I just don't see the value in that, especially when I was getting the 25th/ME for less than $10. 

Anyway, long winded answer over..........power off poindexter.

General Joe Talk / Re: Where can I find Mark Bellomo's book?
« on: November 23, 2021, 07:12:50 AM »
Probably your best bet is to ask/look on different boards and see if anyone is selling.  That or try a show, whenever they are running again.

Otherwise you probably won't have much recourse.

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: November 08, 2021, 06:25:31 AM »
The Skystriker passed 50% of funding goal a couple days ago.

Slow, but steady progress.  Hopefully we see the crazy numbers at the end like so many of the other Haslab projects.

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: November 08, 2021, 06:24:18 AM »
So there are rumours about the next 2 wave of Classified.  According to the rumours they consist of the following:

Wave 9:

Lorenzo "Stalker" Wilkinson

Wave 10:

Crimson Guard

That would probably make up most of the rest of 2022's wave figures.  If so it would be a great way to end the year.

Stalker is always a give, and considering who they have already made they have the parts to do him pretty easily, and still look good.

The twins are also a given, but at least Hasbro had the sense to keep them together in a wave, rather than stretching it out and making it even more difficult to get them.  The question now is what do they look like?  Given the new Classified aesthetic of sticking closer to the original ARAH look, with only minor updates, does that mean we get Circus Gymnasts twins?  Could they be crazy and give us business suit looks?  Probably not.  However they could also go in a different direction and give us a more commando/mercenary look.  Who knows.

Zarana is great, but I really wanted the original 3 Dreadnoks first, oh well they'll get there soon enough.  I wonder what they will do with her hair.  It really was an 80s look and I would be good with an update for that aspect.  Unfortunately I think they'll do the whole "long on one side, shaved on the other" look that seems to be popular today when trying to promote "tough girl" looks.  Think Teela from the Revelations cartoon.

Dusty has to be, HAS TO BE, his first look, with the obligatory updates.  I don't want his second look, even though we would get a coyote with him in that case.  However his first look is just too iconic to not do first.

Crimson Guard.  Probably my favourite army builder.  This one hopefully sticks close to the original design with only minor updates.  Barring some ugly design I'll probably get 4 of this guy.  Maybe give us an alternate unmasked head.

General Joe Talk / Re: Thoughts on Classified and Retro lines?
« on: October 30, 2021, 07:16:59 AM »
Well those PulseCon reveals were definitely a step up from the past year.

I love how the Joe team really brought it after a year of disappointing reveals,and interaction with the fan community.  I know that the Hasbro Marvel Legends team was considered the gold standard for reveals, interaction this year, but I love that the Joe team was considered the best panel at PulseCon by a lot of the general fan community.

I also love that they seem to be getting away from the early days of heavily updated looks for classic designs.  Instead they seem to have taken that back quite a bit.  These new reveals seem to evoke mostly the classic looks with modern updates, but those updates are more about accentuating the classic look rather than the reverse.

So for the reveals.   I LOVED EVERYTHING!!!!

I was glad to see that Tiger Force and Python Patrol will be the Target exclusives this time.  I much prefer that store exclusives be repaints of existing characters, rather than the only way to get actual mainline characters.

The winners for me (well they were all winners really) were the BAT, Alley Viper, Spirit, Storm Shadow, Croc Master and Outback.

That BAT was everything you could want in a Classified update.  It retains all the great things about the original, but adds a few extra touches to update it for today.  I love that they thought of putting a removable protective panel on the chest.  Not only does it make sense, in a real world sense, but it adds a nice uniform look to the body.  All the attachments are great, as well as the battle damaged head.

The Alley Viper is straight out of the ARAH line.  I love the crazy, no reasonable rationale, colour scheme.  The shield is perfect, and the backpack load out looks great.  The only thing I am worried about is the body armour being a problem like with Firefly.  Again it makes sense in the real world, but it definitely hurts the figure's poses and articluation.

Outback is outstanding!!!!  That head sculpt is incredible, and they used a new body for him.  So now they have a body that is bigger than the standard joes, but not as big as Roadblock.  That should come in handy for future releases.  All his accessories really add to the whole "survivalist" specialty.  Also I think we all know this means a regular version will be along sometime, hopefully soon.

Spirit was wonderful to see.  I really though they would try to get away from his original look due to concerns about diversity, representation and stereotypical depictions of Indigenous people.  However they stayed with the original look and did a great job.  Again the minor tweaks/updates add to the figure.  I love that Freedom has 2 sets of wings to change up how you display him.  As well you can perch him on different parts of Spirit, and you can have him grabbing Storm Shadow's arrow in his talons, just like in the cartoon!!!  What a great little touch.

Storm Shadow.  CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!!!  Well done Hasbro.  This is the Storm Shadow I see in my minds eye when thinking of Classified.  It is such a great update to the classic look with, again, minor tweaks.  I just see this as a perfect modern representation of Storm Shadow.  You get the option of hooded, or unhooded, and all the weapons you expect.  I had to laugh that the team mentioned they originally had the bow and arrow able to shoot about 4 feet.  Then QA (Quality Assurance?) got ahold of it and told them it couldn't shoot.  SO CLOSE!!!  Oh well.

Croc Master.  I have Snake Eyes and Timber from Classified.  They did a great job with that set, so I didn't think they could one up themselves, but boy was I wrong.  This set is the next step up from SE/Timber.  Croc Master looks great, in all his cheesy looking glory, yet the update and little details make his figure just incredible.  The use of crocodile skin for his outfit, and the way they detailed it, really makes him pop.  The accessories are great.  The whip and meat hook really evoke that sense of "he is not a nice guy, especially to his crocs."  Then of course we get to Fiona and her babies (Diablo & Georgie).  WOW!  A nearly 12" long crocodile, with articulation and a bendable tail!!!!??  And she can carry her babies in her mouth just like a real life croc??!!  Man the team really went all out on the details for Fiona. 

Python Patrol BAT.  I love the look of this, especially since this is a never before released version of the BAT.  The PP colour scheme really works for the BAT.  Although I can see the complaint people have about how the torso paint scheme makes it look like it is wearing a shirt.  I also like that they put the PP logo right on the removable chest plate. 

Python Patrol Viper.  Not a big fan of this look.  I do like the subdued take on the colours.  It makes the yellow really pop when it doesn't feature as prominently on the rest of the figure.  However overall I just find it ok, definitely the weakest of the reveals.

If these reveals are any indication of the future it looks very bright.

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: October 30, 2021, 06:25:32 AM »
Bishop - is the quality not good? For the 30th skystriker I thought quality was ok. Different type of plastic but I didn't think it was that bad.

For the skystriker I just love everything about it. Love the new canopy opening, the payload options, even the freakin' ladder to get into the plane.
As a flagg owner this just screams a must and even more so if they unlock and can get some of the deck crew. I'd like like 12 of those guys but I'd repaint them a couple different colours to really get a great deck crew.

ARRGH! I really wish I had the money....*sob* *sob*

I agree space is an issue but I would probably keep this at my work office.

Hey you have 2 kidneys, and you only need 1 to survive!!  ;)

I hear you about space, and price, but this is the problem with Haslabs.  Generally they are big, and expensive.  Plus, so far, Hasbro has done a good job of making it clear they won't release these items again, ever.  So that helps to push the FOMO for backers.  If you miss now you won't find it again, except on the secondary market at a higher price.  If they were to ever release these Haslabs at retail, even modified, there would be an uproar in the fan community.  Plus it would probably make a lot of people, myself included, question why I should spend the crazy high prices they ask for these if they are just going to release a similar item down the road.

I'm actually in the beginning stages of selling off some of my collection for space, and money.  I realized I let "collection creep" get out of hand.  I have too much stuff, from many lines, and I need to make some tough choices now.  It actually feels good because it is also decluttering, and makes it easier to justify getting the Skystriker.

Also just to be clear, this Skystriker is a completely new mold, no reuse parts.  They build the Haslabs from the ground up, otherwise it wouldn't really be a good look to say "here is a giant, expensive item, but it is 25% reused parts". 

I love all the little details with this Skystriker.  The fact they actually reached out to Northrop Grumman to better capture the original F-14 look.  All the extra detailing.  The nose camera pod, the fact that you can open a flap to attach the fuel hose to "refuel."  I absolutely LOVE that they give you 2 sets of fins to make it either toy accurate, or show accurate.  How about the fact that now, because they started from scratch, you have separate levers for the wings and landing gear?  No more having the wings extended with the wheels down like the original.  Unless you want that, but now it can "fly" without the wheels down.  Then you have a ton of armaments and effects.  The support vehicles, the stand!!  Ace and the never before made Wayne Ruthel!!  The cloth parachutes.  The movable joystick.  Never before made Scarlett, Ripcord, and pit crew!!! (Well those are all stretch goals, but still).  Ejector seat blast effects!!  They really did go about as all out as you can imagine for something like this.  I just wish I still had a FLAGG (had one as a kid). 

About the only thing I don't like is the decal sheet.  I get why they went this route.  It allows for customization.  If you are a Joe fan you get to make the Skystriker the way you remember.  If you are more of a military/airplane fan you can make it closer to a real word F-14.  Personally I would have preferred Tampos and paint apps over having to apply stickers that will evenutally discolour and peel.

Either way I am definitely backing this, I mean I have to :)

General Joe Talk / Re: Skystriker and the return of o-ring!!!
« on: October 24, 2021, 09:26:51 AM »
No word of a lie, but I nearly shed a tear at that Skystriker reveal.  I was already so excited by the Classified, and o-ring, reveals, but that Skystriker had me going nuts.  And all those accessories, figures, vehicles, etc. etc. etc. 

I know it is expensive, but it is Haslab so you have to accept a little sticker shock when they reveal them.  I'm definitely in for 1, but most likely 2 since shipping will cost the same whether I order 1, or 2.

I love that the classic O-ring style is back.  I have no problem with Retro, but I felt the new figures were too "gummy" and not interesting enough to warrant the price.  I also think Hasbro saw what other lines were doing (MOTU:O, TMNT, etc.) and the success they had with giving fans the vintage (styled) figures they always wanted.  I was a little bummed at first when I saw SE/SS were packed in a box, but then found out they come on their classic cards!!!!!

Just too bad they are Pulse exclusives, so I have to bite the bullet on them, but hopefully I can find some other stuff on the site to take the sting out of the shipping costs.

Changed my mind.......The Great White Dope.

General Joe Talk / Re: Looking back at the collection
« on: October 18, 2021, 08:55:44 PM »
awesome this thread was started over a year ago and still active (with long periods of silence between posts   :) )

since my initial post I managed to buy a decent Cobra Terrordrome for a couple hundred, but finding missing pieces is beyond crazy. I simply can't afford those parts.

I've looked at the 6" line but haven't pulled the trigger as its too much for me. Maybe my days of collecting are done or at best stagnant but I still love the nostalgia that comes with reading these posts and taking my joes out at Christmas.

Stay safe everyone.

QUITTER!!!!  Haha

Best to stay away from Classified because it will definitely drag you back in before you know it.

It is always nice to come back to the board and check in.

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